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Sean Davis Productions creates High Definition video campaigns incorporating creative and innovative production techniques. Sean Davis has been an industry professional for over 25 years and has shot for just about every major network on the air. From the early ages graduation from Full Sail in 1989 to winning Best Florida Film with his documentary Skyway Down to more recently working on the TV show COPS, Emerills Florida and House Hunters Sean has seen it all! Sean Also shoots proffesional realestate photography as well as product photography. Please contact Sean with any questions regarding your next production. Check out our newest addition, The RED Dragon 6K! What an amazing camera! With our amazing production talent, creative editing and social media guru's we can take your idea from concept to broadcast with minimal cost and maximum potential.

                                                                                                                                                  © 2016 by Sean Michael Davis.                                        941-920-1953

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Sean Davis Productions  Tampa  941-920-1953     Los Angeles 626-658-8605

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