Some videos for your enjoyment!

"Tweak Your Space" was a TV Teaser I shot and edited for an HGTV Proposal.

"Bark Angels" was a  TV Teaser I shot and edited last year for an Animal Planet Proposal.

My award winning documentary "Skyway Down".

This  took 3 years to film and was donated to the Sheriffs Office and the Highway Patrol for training. It also won Best Florida Film 2011

Charlie Wall Documentary I was DP on.  This was a GUZZO Project that won best Florida film for "Best Documentary".

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The Beauvilles music video "SNOW" won best music video at the Sunscreen Film Festival. I was the DP on this.

"Pawnd" won Best Florida Film. I Directed this show back in 2007. Brett Rice was our main talent and we proposed it to Comedy Central.

SOT and Gamut Resolutions Training videos Just recently finished.
Richards Foodporium Testimonials we recently finished.

Shoot to Thrill!

The life and times of a reality cameraman

My book is currently available on both Amazon and Kindle, please enjoy!
OuOur new addition, The RED Dragon 6K!!

coming Soon!!!!

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