Sean Davis utilizes a photography system called HDR which incorporates multiple exposure's blending several exposers into one amazing photograph. This system of photography offers your client a full dynamic range of the shot or room or exterior showing the viewer how wonderful the property actually looks as opposed to the washed out or poorly composed or exposed photographs usually seen on the most popular real estate web sites.

Sean not only uses the best photographic technology available but also has the expertise of a seasoned Director of Photography for the number one show on HGTV "House Hunters". Sean Micheal Davis has been shooting the show for the past five years and lives right here in the Tampa Bay area! When he is not traveling all over for the show he is available by appointment to shoot your house. 

Please call early for appointments and have the house ready for the photo shoot,. Rain day's will be rescheduled. Number of photographs is based on the size of the house. Photo shoot may be 2 days based on perfect lighting. Houses not prepped for a shoot will be rescheduled.  


Price is based on an exterior HDR as well as a main room HDR image and the rest of the property will be high end wide angle images of all the rooms.

$200. Per property - 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths

$250. Per property - 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths

$400. Per half day  - Larger homes with specific details 

$800. Full Day -        Large property homes with details and other structures (5000 sf +)  

$100.                        Local community package

$35.                          Drone ariel photos 

$100.                        Drone video  (circular pass around home)

Most homes will include 25-30 images delivered via Drop Box or Email in high resolution and low rez 

for e mail and MLS listing needs. 

3 day return on photos unless required sooner. ($100 for expedited processing)


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Living Room HDR